Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Eeny , meeny minie mo, which one to vote for ? . Friend or Foe?

The election is a mere two months away but the political landscape is constantly changing. Yet there seems to be no mention of an election, No politicking , yet and the only story to create a flutter of interest was Don Brash , leader of ACT speaking out for Legalising Cannabis.
The ALCP are standing this election and I am sure they will need to put up a good fight cos the choice this election is vast.
One thing I have heard , is that 50% of the country is happy with John Key and he and National will win a second term.
I lean Green, especially for the legalising of cannabis and better access for medicinal marijuana under doctors supervision.
The thing that really concerns me is the lack of jobs and the fake "happiness" The PM exudes when there is a real poverty epidemic in New Zealand. I use the word epidemic as it describes the growing health crisis and out breaks of diseases like, meningitis in Northland, Whooping cough in Hokitika, flesh eating out breaks and all clear markers of poverty. These diseases are spread by over crowding and are warning signs that things are in urgent need of attention.
Our latest Auckland Family magazine asked 8 leaders of political Parties "what is the most important issue facing New Zealand families and what do you plan to do about it?

Of all the 8 parties National failed to mention that there were tough economic times ahead and a number of families struggling financially. It should be obvious that if the Prime Minister fails to mention a huge problem facing New Zealand, he certainly does not have a solution to remedy it. His policies only apply to the people that matter. Those with a good income and a positive cashflow.
They can keep on humming a happy tune.
However the other seven all recognise that, "the cost of living is the biggest problem facing families (Hone Harawira,) Mana
Labour and National have progressively eroded public services and sold off state owned enterprises.
I think we all deserve better than this.
Currently National seems to be using the police like a personal Army and the retrospective law changes made should be stopped now. This is an outrageous abuse of powers. In my opinion it started with the Sacking of ECan in Canterbury.
The callous attitude displayed by John Key over the mining disaster and Gerry Brownlee's, insensitivity to Christchurch, and its partiality to it's heritage building will cost it votes. You know , if you can build something once , you can do it twice. Think of the Heathcote Valley Inn.

Taken down carefully I am sure many beautiful buildings can be rebuilt again. Elsewhere... Later. But maintain hope.

Hope is what a Potential Party candidate promises in return for your vote. I think many parties this election promise hope, the solution and the will to change the current economic situation, facing New Zealand.
We are rich in resources , both people and mineral. We sell raw product not refined and we waste instead of re-using and recycling. Development in all these areas and a commitment to sustainability will get my vote. Plus anyone who want to legalise or decriminalise cannabis. At least now there may be some choice.

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