Saturday, 11 February 2012

Lesson for the year ahead.

2012 is the Chinese year of the dragon.A dragon year is a good year to be born in as it is believed, that the year of the dragon is a powerful symbol of mental agility and power.Many people are feeling the exact opposite right now and view this year with very little optimism or enthusiasm.

I saw a few rumblings at Waitangi but nothing of the grand scale of past years.

However if the papers are to believed there is very little optimism around at the moment.

The National Party is likely to make some serious miscalculations and I am predicting they will be very lucky if they last out this term.
There are a number of fires that that have failed to extinguish . I think the Christchurch earthquake and other unresolved issues are going to bubble over in the coming months.

The second group of people that the Government has ignored and angered is the teachers. The ACT Charter Schools is a joke and at $40,000 tagged funds, per child, you can see why the business model appeals but what about the fate of the education for our young, when the woman at the helm has no experience apart from being on a Board of Trustees?

However if the National Party think that Maori in New Zealand are happy to accept the sale of  State assets and an eroding of Te Puni Kokiri they are not listening. There are a few Maori who have benefited very well out of the treaty settlements. They are typically the Maori who operate in the world far removed from the majority of the beneficiaries among the many tribes

Equally aggrieved are the people of the west Coast and their men down a mine , forgotten. Not by them but the Solid Energy company has passed on the responsibility to the receivers, who don't have any emotional interest or financial reason to help.

The Christchurch situation also beggars belief. I am not trying to show off but I left Christchurch due to the farce of the mayoralty. Nice man, wrong job, seems to apply to several in the CCC . There are people with plans and one visionary called Yani but with Gerry Brownlee on the job I don't hold out much hope for enlightenment, let alone movement forward.

The lesson is, that things do stay the same and yet change is always taking place too. I think the secret is to have faith in your own abilities, be optimistic and make a plan. There is far less resistance than you think. I opened a new business this year . I needed to, as I could not rely on getting a well paid job or even being able to stay on a benefit while job seeking. Have courage, and do what it is that is best for you Over all and before too long we will see a change asnd a back lash to what's happening now. There is a resistance but it takes time to build and be successful.