Monday, 19 September 2011

Love is love and drugs is drug.

When ever my children make comments about gay or use the word I always say to them Love is Love. I recognise and acknowledge love is a wonderful thing and when you find it cherish it.
In 1986 the Homosexual recognised homosexual love. The reason the law was enacted was not really to do with any sentiment or feeling. It was fear of AIDs . The fear lead the Government to pass law to stop furtive underground gay sex that spread AIDs.
The stigma that went with the law change has not really gone. It has not been long that civil unions have been legal.
The same stigma is applied to drugs . Our legal drugs, alcohol and tobacco are advertised and despite the thousands of deaths in New Zealand each year continue to be sold in increasing quantities each year. $200,000.00 per day is spent on alcohol advertising. Compare this to the shadowy and unknown world of illegal drugs. Take the TV show, Underbelly; This is not the reality, the true story is people have always used chemicals to change their consciousness and always will. The killings and deaths occurred because the  prohibition means the risk is worth the inflated prices that can be easily obtained.

Last week, four very ordinary people were in the paper for an alleged ten million dollar cannabis industry. So what! They are no more evil or bad than Lion Breweries or Rothmans. Let them continue their business. The fact that they do not need to advertise their product means, we can assume its good. Why not sell through a licenced outlet like a pub and pay tax on the alleged ten million dollar turnover.

 Drug are drugs. I am so tired of the non-argument that cannabis is a drug. So are alcohol and tobacco. Which is worse, for me and the rest of society? Alcohol, is the worst thing by far!
So Love is Love and drugs is drugs. Lets not be silly enough to pretend there is any great difference between things that, are all essentially one, and the same.

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