Sunday, 4 September 2011

Avondale, the best place in Auckland on Sundays.

I live in Avondale and obviously I am not wealthy. But let me tell you , for those who have not been to Avondale lately, why I love living here.
First of all I am partial to horse racing.
So living in full view of the Avondale race course is even better, cos now that there is no longer racing the grounds are utilised on Sundays by the markets.
For a tiny amount of money a lot of fun can be had.

The race course is full of adventures. Of course there is no more betting on the horses but lots of excitement can be found if you are looking for a bargain.
Both of the shopping variety and the culinary kind.all kinds of morsels of food from countries all around the world can be sampled.
I head straight towards to coffee as it is Sunday, and this is my treat.

We purchase the backbone of a new vegetable garden, tomato plants, silver beet, courgette, lettuce and spinach.
Plus some new-old shoes, clothes and food.

On our way home I marvel at the number of pedestrian crossings on my street but that's ok, we have lots of people without cars living here.
 Its OK in Avondale, in fact , its better than that. Its a vibrant and bustling community that's is made up of many global citizens and being new here I can honestly say I feel welcomed.
 I have two children who have moved from Christchurch and both attend schools in Avondale, Intermediate and College respectively.
I love it, every day presents a new challenge and living in Avondale, with its smiling friendly community makes me so glad we came.

I would not want to go back to Christchurch, and right now I can honestly say I would not want to live anywhere else either.

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