Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Our bodies can be quite bewildering at times

I have had a god relationship with my body up until now, but of late I am starting to have less trust in my body to do the job. I have re-injured my knee which is an old skiing injury from years back that perhaps did not heal properly. I remember a torn cruciate ligament from skiing and many weeks on crutches. The knee pain has returned with vengence and months later I am still hobbling around in pain.
Repairing my achy -breaky old set of bones ,( I'm 45 but feel about 90) has become my main mission in life , but I am not really getting what I need. My first visit resulted in mumblings to my question of what is your diagnosis and codeine when I said it really hurts. My hip hurt as well and I blamed that to a tumble from a horse. The next stop was a oesteopath and acupuncturist cure. he seemed to do a really good job and my back and hip are free of most pain , but my knee confounds me.
The pain stops me from wanting to exercise or walk any where above my daily shop. I am not going to keep taking codeine as that is not "fixing" the problem.
Out west there is a great pool complex and for less than $5.00 each ,(includes a community services card discount), we can go sit in a spa , which my friend and I do, while the younger one can swim , splash , enjoy the wave pool or hydroslide. I am happy sitting in big bowl of bubbling human soup. You also see people of all shapes and sizes in their swimwear.  Most people are fortunate with their body too, but there are some comical sights and unusual shaped and sized bits. However the pleasure of relaxation in water is shared by all.

In the late afternoon there is often a large beam of sunlight shining through the roof and onto the water where, if you look closely you can see the effervescence of the water bouncing up!

I also accidentally found my self participating what is the world most agonisingly boring sport, water walking. I have found aqua therapy to be great for my knee , low impact and its actually quite an aerobic challenge to be furiously pumping all limbs at once, water walking and doing a speed of less than a kilometre an hour. My eleven year-old thinks its fun so I joined in for one lap before deciding it feels more like standing still.

However when you get the blahs , as we all do from time to time, and you need, something else to do or think about; hunt out your togs and head for your local pool complex. Its where I will be a few times a week until summer has arrived.

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