Sunday, 25 November 2012

Times have changed

I heard an interesting speaker in the weekend talk about drugs and changing our consciousness . His topic showed that for the whole of mans time on Earth we have been enjoying getting high, From  the ancient rock drawings on caves to buried herb burning bowls, for ritual, people have liked to use substances to alter their perception.  Alcohol is the main drug used today . It is legal and widely accepted plus it is also very cheap. 80% of New Zealander's over 18 have tried alcohol.

I come from parent who were minimal users of alcohol. They were daily drinkers , yes but drank about a thimble full each night with dinner. Port for or Sherry. Eeew.
They were not part of any party set.

In fact seriously straight probably best describes them. the most entertaining of their friends once leapt into his pool at a party with his socks still on. to my parents this was hilarious . Quite outrageous behaviour. Hmmm not quite scandalous or even risky compared to behaviour these days.
The range of substances available and used by many today is also astounding.

At the Meeting another speaker asked us to name  the different substances people commonly use and then we rated their harm individually. What was amazing to me was I am so unfamiliar with many of the substances. I know my ABC's and BZP and P , E and LSD but I am not too sure about MMD and DMT sounds very close to MSD??

Being an advocate of Cannabis Law Reform and also a Drug and Alcohol Counsellor I was surprised by my own ignorance. I am naive to the point I do not know what some of these products are or their effects. Certainly I have tried some pills for educational purposes and in my experience I do not get any pleasure from them.

 I then had to question am I a product of my parents and super straight too?  

Monday, 19 November 2012

LOSER? Who me?

I wonder what sort of person, immediately calls a person a loser because they disagree with what you are saying? It has been said that the person who resorts to name calling has already lost the argument. Clearly they are unable to argue with fact or reason. 

Yesterday I rang a well known talk-back radio station to comment on a facebook posting  that invited callers to comment on Kim Dotcom calling John Key a liar. I felt qualified to phone in and comment as I saw the interview with Kim Dotcom on the television. Problem was , instead of getting Mike Yardley in Christchurch I got some buffoon called Elation in Auckland who promptly called me a loser for voicing my opinion.

He asked what evidence did I have for my assertion and I and said body language but his credibility.That John Key has been seen to be not telling the truth on several occasions previously.  He mocked me and called me a loser. 

I have had a day to reflect on my loser status and I have come to the conclusion , that I am not a loser. I work 6 days a week in my cafe business and am not a loser.
I have raised three children mostly on my own and with very little income . I am not a loser. 
My two school aged children are doing well at school and are well liked by their teachers.

I am not a loser as I survived the Christchurch earthquake, sold my house and moved to Auckland on my own. I am neither a quitter or a loser.
I fight for the under dog and may be a little different to some peoples opinion of what makes a winner. 
But I participated in Occupy and felt more alive there, than I have ever have .... any where.
I also protested against the closure of the Avondale Post Office as part of the community I now belong to. I belong to Auckland Action Against Poverty.

I care, and that makes me an OK person , If not Lame Leighton's view of a winner.

His idea of a winner seems to be a male. Perhaps one with money and more power. His idea of a winner is a bully who can name call . 
I do not have status. I am not rich. I have been to court for my beliefs and will sit in a cell again . 
I care about the children and young people who have not got a voice. I care about the people who cannot read or write and cannot participate.
I have a voice and no one can silence me or make me a loser.