Friday, 9 September 2011

Its all about flow.l

When things are running smoothly there is said to be flow. Flow is achieved not just by water or electricity , people flow and I believe imagination is a form of flow.
The Romans knew how to manage traffic thousands of years ago, look at the Coliseum and see how it was possible for thousands of people to be seated , arrive and leave with ease due to the flow created from a round -form with many exits that flows like a traffic round-about used today.
Water flows downhill due to gravity and naturally towards the sea.
Flow seem to occur in nature those who design traffic could take a leaf from their natural surroundings.

I am so not shocked or surprised that "the city councel failed to get the management of traffic , to and from the games right"
I think this demonstrates the need for better public transport through out Auckland. Trains are very effective but lack of care and attention to people who use trains has been an issue until the focus of an even like the world cup means a hastily cobbled together plan using trains that the planner would have never ridden in their lives
before you plan something I pays to walk in the shoes of a visitor not a VIP.
I am sure none of the VIPs who were guests and at the games gratis arrived late,No all would have been smoothly chauffeured in style in a large fleet of BMW's.

The people that paid for this spectacle and brought tickets at outrageous prices were badly let down.
I an a dissenter and I do think that planning was inadequate and the organisers can't possible believe that the demand from the public wasn't going to be unlike other events such as Christmas in the park and Chinese lantern festivals even. The thought that planning was only provided for a small number of people would not be logistical from the outset , given the popularity and advertising (community buy -in) how could they expect the numbers to be one tenths of the number, that would arrive?

Heard of participation? Its what everyone wants. It reflects equality.

When all people can participate you have a winner. When all people want to participate you have a huge success. To create a tiny area for an exclusive few is plain rude. I am sure if any other countries were involved but our friendly Kiwi types there would have been a lot more anger erupting.
I am sure that it won't and can't happen again  but who ever thought that creating a public event with room for 50, 000 and 12,000 people is dreaming in a city of over one million people. You should be sacked!
Other than that it was a lovely night .Unless you were downtown being asphix

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