Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Last chance to get it together for the RWC.

I call myself the dissenter because I am a small angry politically motivated commentator. My general leanings are left -feminist and liberal.
 But I consider myself to possess some common sense and despite these few misgiving regarding the RWC, I hope people have fun.
The exclusive nature of this Rugby World Cup.
Because of the marvels of the corporation, no one can be blamed, or held responsible for its success or failure.The disconnect is felt by those who don't have the funds to participate. The most obvious example is the 2000 volunteers needed. Erm I have to say this stinks when people desperate to be part of the RWC are not paid, yet the cost of everything to do with the rugby world cup, is expensive. So if you are on a low income or a benefit the only chance you have of going is being willing to clean up after the others for free.
I actually want to know the total spend on this event!
I think we have a right to know.

Not Enough Room!
WTF were they thinking, when the waterfront and Big event areas hold only 12,000 people and 50,000 people?. Everyone knows that NZ loves a parade, or a free concert. When the "Christmas in the Park" and the Santa Parades in Christchurch alone, pull crowds of 100,000 , the exclusivity shows again. I am getting the feeling that no care, or consideration  was given to the many people who won't fit in. How many people turned away. Bottle neck of angry and disappointed people?

More exclusivity, How come the election has been put on the back burner?
There are actually quite important things going on in the world right now more important than rugby!

The cost.
We are living in financially constrained times and the sort of buzz, I feel building, can only lead to some very disappointed people. We can't all win, as much as that would be nice. There will be losers of the games and the teams will feel bad , but that also translates to the disappointment of overspending on products endorsing your team, (BUMF)  excess alcohol will result in hangovers , some people will get hit and hurt and the TAB will be raking it in. Just remember , where there are winners , there are losers too.

Have a winning time, take care of others and look after those you love, but most of all have fun,
or Samoa, or England, or France , Scotland, Wales,Ireland Argentina, Australia, and all the countries participating . ENJOY!

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