Monday, 24 October 2011

Occupy Auckland

Hi I have been off the blog for a month. I am now at Occupy Auckland and have been here for the past 11 days. For you folk who don't know what Occupy is all about, see Occupy! Its a global movement that began first in Spain as a protest against the failing economy in May, but began again in earnest on Wall St on September the 17th.
A group a dedicated activists occupied Wall St to protest against the division in society, the haves and the have nots. And now we have the slogan we are the 99%. One percent of the world has 99 of the wealth. How bad is that?
I witnessed $54 millions dollars of New Zealand wealth stream past me on the fan trail on their way to the world cup final on Sunday night. At the same time, our Occupy feed all of us watched, and wondered how could this happen? At occupy we live in a cashless society.

I watched what looked like a funeral procession of walkers wearing black on their way to the game! What is missing is a lack of imagination in this people. All dressed the same and heading in the same direction.
We at Occupy watched from the stairs and wondered what on earth would happen if they lose?

We have our occupation, we have held Aotea Square for 11 days and the council seems to accept our peaceful protest.
C'mon down and support us, like the EPMU, the Nurses union, Unite, The Quaker Society, and many other who seek a more fair society and jobs for all.


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