Monday, 30 April 2012

The difference between The Daktory and illegal gangs..

Last week there was an unpleasant incident outside the large community cannabis club known as the Daktory. Reports say, that a member from a patch wearing gang arrived and demanded to be paid a cut, of the Daktory income, as it was on their gangs turf.
The Daktory staff member who came to the door said that no money was going to be paid and there was no reason to make threats.
I am given to understand that serious threats were made and that the police were called after efforts to calm the situation failed.

The police arrived and an arrest was made. Later the same night a large number of police arrived at the Daktory and quoted the MODA and began an unauthorised search. I heard as many as 30 police officers were involved. Doors were kicked in and a substantial amount of damage to property resulted.
Two arrests were made and a small quantity of cannabis was seized again. One person is still detained in prison, as the Daktory was her home.

I want to make the clear distinction between what the Daktory does and is. And what a gang is and does.
I have seen a little of life, more than just watching tv shows depicting gangs, like, Sons off Anarchy but typically women are never in any senior positions in gangs, which would be the main point of difference in this instance. One woman has been single handedly trying to keep the Daktory open while her partner is incarcerated. He had a 8 month sentence increased without a retrial, from 8 to 23 months . Unbelievable. Wrong and unjust.

Violence is part of gang life. The leader of the gang usually holds that position through being the one with the most power or strength. The Daktory has a "No Violence" policy and in over 3 years operation, has never had a major violent event. The Daktory has been searched by the police multiple times and weapons have never been found.  The Daktory does not deal with gangs, have guns or other weapons, or consider civil disobedience to be organised crime.

The Daktory is headquarters for both NORML, National Organisation for the Reform of Marijauna Laws, and the ALCP, The Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party. Organisations that have been in existence since the seventies and a political party that has been contesting elections since 1996. Hello!  Could someone please get up of their couch and see what is happening to your rights!

Please come to J  Day and make a large donation to the fund ,So that we can show others what the difference is, between a Club and a gang. Especially when it is a club that exists solely for the right to be able to smoke a plant for your own enjoyment! See you on Saturday.