Thursday, 15 September 2011

The weather gods are not with us?

Today in Auckland the weather is foul. A cold blustery wind is blowing and I have just returned from my local fish shop. Its a novel experience for me choosing a fish out of the window and then having it filleted. I really like it.
The Rugby at least, is appropriately receiving some wintry weather because, despite the city which has taken leave of it's senses and relocated to Fiji or Tonga, normally a winter sport. Glad, I'm rugged up and getting a cold.

Speaking of sport, many New Zealanders seem to think that they need to weigh as much as an all black. Our latest statistics show that Nz is only less fatter than USA. 20 years ago when I was last in the United States I was underwhelmed by the American food. Overwhelmed by the variety and size of plates, but the fresh food was much harder to find than the processes and fried.  Simple food without mayo, or fries on the side was hard to find. Icing was an inch thick and ice cream was far higher in sugar content. The super sizing of fries and beverages have all supersized our human race.

Funny thing is we all want to get more done, do more and go faster.
More and more people are resorting to caffeine  to gain more energy. Red bull and V are hugely popular beverages and coffee consumption is increasing.

Won't it be interesting to see the effect on public health if people continue to over use caffeine as well as illegal stimulants. The end result will be a likely decrease in lifespan. its possible that in the future the life expectancy will drop back.Cocaine causes heart damage and increased blood pressure. Who know what percentage of the population is going to be using some for of speed in the future?  Cocaine use is rare, in New Zealand due to cost and distance, but we have Ritalin being diverted and a number of P cooks producing pure methamphetamine for supply.

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