Thursday, 26 January 2012

X=y2 but does N =Profits b4 (people) ?

What does that mean for the non mathematicians? I think it means the  NATIONAL PARTY (N) lie through their smiling white teeth.
I think, that the situation in the Christchurch council now, is the same situation that will see the National party fail to complete this term. Why, because there has been a total lack of democracy. In Christchurch , the then, Mayor Bob Parker decided to not have a local election due to the earthquake and undemocratically re-elected itself. As if, that lack of decency, and fairness was not obvious the CEO Tony Mariott has seen fit to be rewarded with a $68,000.00 bonus.
Excuse me, but given the state, of the worlds financial market , should  the CEO already, on a half a million dollar package also try and practise a little restraint? Also does that just not rub snot on the face of the people in Chch who desperately want to leave, but can't for lack of funds, seem out of place ?
Once again it begs to look at the cognitive dissonance or huge gap in the rhetoric between what they say they will do, and what they actually will do.

Who else feels that the National Party put profits before people?

I know that senior people in the National Party decided that Kim Dotcom could live in New Zealand and due to his vast wealth his shady  past dealing were overlooked. Not one to miss out on a good time or a golden handshake, john Banks also accepted this man's money and hospitality. The same John Banks who would never ever visit an Occupy and meet some of this countries displaced.

I am beginning to believe that John Key is New Zealand's Gordon Gecko, of the Greed is good mantra! I have no other explanation for all the times he has been able to shrug off the needs and wishes of the common man. John Key has done nothing to get the 29 bodies out of the ground of the Pike River mine. reason , too expensive and best left in the hands of the receivers.

John Keys solution for Christchurch was not one to help the people of Christchurch. No it was to set the old boys building club, Fletchers up for the job of the century and thus eliminating all the small and existing companies out of business or to work at the set rates by the Fletchers crowd. Many people are still waiting an answer and many would leave if the government would step in allow it.

It would seem that they don't want people to have free choice in Chch or access to information either .
Now it seems that the Prime minister is able to renege on all election promises, do as he pleases and do what benefits the few at the top the most.

What should happen ? I think we need to revisit the election , the promises and the fact that over 35% of the people did not vote. I think we need to cull Parliament by the same percentage . If you do not vote for the people in power, then that is a valid choice, and the numbers should represent the proportion of people that did not vote. That would mean a 30% saving and a reduction of the numbers in Parliament. A good thing too.

When you have a Government that puts profits before people , you actually collapse the world economy . As we all know, that if the money does not go to the people, or the jobs are not there for the people to earn money there is going to be a collapse in the economy and a big increase in crime. John Key you need to do a lot better or expect some heavy reactions back.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Lessons in Banking

I will be the first to admit I have an unusual attitude towards money. I have a scrooge mentality and could live on porridge 6 days of the week in order to be able to save for some small luxury once a week. After all we are hardwired in our brains for rewards.  By the same token we have also the ability to develop avoidance techniques to delay or stall an unpleasant activity.

I have little money and being on a fixed income even less choice about how I spend my cash as it goes on rent. Rent first, power and phone second equal and food with the remainder.

One thing that I have been battling with is the banks in New Zealand and in particular the way they punish their clients financially for daring to not have enough money to cover all the outgoings. Sound familiar?
The point that I have been dwelling on, after my time at Occupy and the intensity, that is now on the world financial markets, is I am not going to pay any more fees to banks who already have my all money. In my case I have paid a mortgage for over 20 years an now have suffered a loss due to the earthquake and have also relocated to another city, bringing some expenses. In order to live in my new city I may need to borrow against my asset , my house , of which the bank own the mortgage. Would seem a simple request, borrow against investment, start a new business and income.

Instead the bank, sends off my credit card debt, small amount, and sends it off to a debt collector who adds a $529.00 fee for collection services. I am incensed. This is the the worst kind of rip off. This is worse than Chrisco. Banks are exploiting the poor by making us slaves to their system with ATM cards and internet banking. A system we have to participate but can have no direct control or effect on.

being a student or beneficiary I have had two sorts of treatment from banks. as a graduate I can have a free overdraft and no fees. As a beneficiary I can incur a fee of up to $35. everytime I go over my limit. No free overdraft for someone on a benefit. Given that the fees of $35 or more can be applied and money extracted before the account holder is aware often one more fee is collected thus withdrawing a total of $70 fee on a benefit that may be only $300 to $400 . See what a difference a missing $70 dollars makes when you are that little money.

Currently our banking system places an equal burden on the poor. The poor are discriminated by the fees. Its about time we looked at how banks are profiting off the poor, while the wealthy shield their money from taxes and gain high interest of accounts hidden overseas. This year I am going to be learning a lot about banking and I hope I can share it.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Happy New Year from the Dissenter

Hi and Happy New Year all. I would like to say I have been having a great holiday in the sun somewhere but it is all untrue. The reason I have not been blogging is I have been busy opening a new dissenters cafe. That's right. I am so throughly annoyed with the election I decided it's time to create some more like minded space.

I have had some big lifestyle changes and made some big changes in my thinking, due in part to my time at Occupy. Going to Occupy was like a 101 in Activism. Fast , hard and great big group to start and and like University only the real stayers at the end.

I went to Occupy as I was disgusted with the National Government and it's attitude towards democracy. I am opposed to privatisation, I don't believe it is democratic for THEM to sell what WE own , when we did nt want it or vote for it even. So having National re-elected was no real surprise but a disappointment on many levels.

At the beginning of the Election campaign I was supportive of the ALCP the Aotearoa Legalise cannabis Party as they are the real stayers in terms of years as a party and contested elections. Unfortunately they lack the funds and finesse of the larger parties and they lack cohesion in their message.

I went to Occupy to support the Global Occupy Movt. however in creating the Occupy movt. many of the old rules also applied in our new Occupy. The same discrimination was applied to cannabis activists without even the sniff of use, just like the other society. In fact the number of cannabis activists and supporters without ever being overt was a large number of the Occupy movt.

Occupy still is going but the demands of children and school holidays, Christmas meant that my last visit to Occupy was to take down some Xmas Cheers.

So far this year, the National Government is rushing through legislation about food and as we all watch the Rena break up and spill it contents along the shore. We can only hope that something that catastrophic will happen to the National Party, ACT, UF cabal and sanity and democracy shall return.

Alternatively, and by not scolding those who did not vote, perhaps some of the 100% of representatives (MPs) should reduce their numbers to be like 68% representative. Representing only the percentage of voters who engaged in the voting process.