Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Winners and Losers

John Key makes no attempt to conceal his personal belief in winners and losers, particularly winner takes all.His decision not to debate with the smaller parties suggests a form of arrogance and perhaps a disconnect from what is Democracy.We are the sum of many parts that fit and work well together. The success of any person or political party depends on it. As does the whole of New Zealand.

Why then do we have a leader in this country who creates inequality, grows unemployment, obscures the truth of business in New Zealand as the winners and losers game does not work, The effects of Neo-liberalism or profits before people can be clearly seen . We need to create a win-win situation in New Zealand that builds the economy and creates jobs.

Under National this nation is suffering because those in power do back room deals with a handshake, and change the laws to suit themselves faster than ACT changes Leader. The ordinary person will not benefit under National as the ordinary person does not have a rental property or a high income or family trust.
Endorsing winners and losers only increases the chances of seeing a repeat of the rioting in England, here.

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