Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The Tenancy Tribunal

Well my day before the Judge or adjudicator has finally come and gone. True, to the best of all justice systems, I don't know the outcome. Funny isn't it? Our justice systems seems to confuse and confound all those not employed as part of it.

However my case was I was evicted! I know me! I don't know what for or why but as I did not have a "fixed term" tenancy agreement I could be booted out for no reason at all.
I was happy to leave as there was beginning to be a bit of a paper war and I guess I was just not" the -right- fit" for the building.

My first digression was not being alcoholic. Sitting round or cracking a beer at 9am or 10am seemed common but not for me.
My second was my lack of understanding recycling.I understand recycling , what doesn't the landlord understand about full bins is amusing. Cos if there is no room in one bin, dammit, I will stick my rubbish in the other bin.
 After all I have seen what they call recycling. There is no money in it.
So despite have three families share on recycling bin , and trying to get us a new bin I was not the popular tenant. Get some new bins so people can recycle and there is room for all the empties as well.
It seems someone has thrown at least one cigarette butt on the ground , (I don't smoke) and there has been the smell of cannabis.
So I am a shocking tenant and was duly evicted. Despite not needing an ambulance or going mad, or wearing an ankle bracelet or any other things except paying my rent on time.

Long short , I was evicted, so left, but I did not give my landlord enough notice to leave. Despite being forced out through the other tenants making it clear they want my flat for their friends to move in.Another tenant from downstairs moved upstairs into mine. No loss of rent at all.

I went to court and Derek the Landlord counter claimed. Well the weasley man actually committed perjury in court and told lies about dumping my stuff and tried to claim costs. I hope he is prosecuted .

I felt heard.There were no grounds for eviction , and his continual being there was grounds for my claim. He was late in filing the rent and maybe fined for that as well.I want half my rent returned, as I felt he contaminated my enjoyment. The lady Judge was sharp and hard and slapped me down for butting in, (actually she threatened to tape my mouth) cos I butted in so often.

However she caught out Derek in trying to charge $30 .00 and hour for his time, when he did not actually do anything, pay for any dumping and if he had the tenancy tribunal pays only $20.00. It was clear that she could see him for being a liar, an annoyance and a cheapskate, who want's to bill but never pay.

I can't wait to get my bond back and a cheque for the lack of enjoyment. Fingers crossed.

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