Sunday, 28 August 2011

New Zealand is a ridiculously small country

We are really very lucky to be born in New Zealand. To, many people from overpopulated areas, New Zealand appears like a green paradise. For we are one of the countries, where a trip  from the sea to sky or  the mountains is easily achievable in just a few hours.We have remarkable scenery and a world class sporting event called the Coast to Coast.  Being physically remote from America and Europe we have earned a reputation for being healthy and rugged.

Amongst ourselves we like to establish our own point of difference as well. North Islander or South Islander is usually the first question we ask. Auckland the largest city in New Zealand is a name said with scorn by some (Dorkland) and pride by others. I love living in Auckland.

In our haste to get "somewhere else" England, or America we bypassed our Pacific neighbours for decades. It is only now, that Auckland, the largest Polynesian city in the world is coming to accept that multicultural is the best way to describe our society. In our former misplaced snobbery we placed value on education and still ask what school did you attend?  Often this can identify someone we knew, as in "oh you'll know my cuz tama then, " and we are reduced to several degrees of separation. often only two degrees separate us. But more often its part of establishing the old-boy old-girl network from private schools.

Its amazing that after a time in new Zealand where ever you go, you will meet someone you know, or some one who knows you. Sometimes it is great and very helpful, not so if you have a shady past. No one knows more about family than  some Maori,on their whakapapa. They often can tell whole generations of history and name every cousin .

For a small remote country,we punch above above our weight in sport in many disciplines. Netball and equestrian events as well as sailing. I don't know if its our extremely competitive nature developed by playing against Australia. Or the fact that we beat them despite them being a far larger country. Our Rugby team will again have the chance to prove its rank in the world next month.
 but, as I like to say we are: New Zealand the best in the world at everything.

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