Thursday, 11 August 2011

A horrible week for youth

A horrible and really shitty week to be yoof whether in New Zealand or in the heart of the riots in England. It seems that people my generation and older are pretty divided on attitudes to young people. I like to think I am generally on the side of young people, even if they don't want my support
Anti-youth sentiment and blame seems to be all I read about these days.
I feel its hardly our young people to blame with 25% of 19-year-olds being unemployed. Is it there fault? In most instances the answer is a resounding no.

Who has the power in this situation, how can a young person get into employment when there are no new jobs, no apprenticeships, no dedicated youth training scheme only low paying jobs and trial periods of employment adding to the insecurity and vulnerability young people feel.

A zero BAC for youth is blatant discrimination. It should be unlawful to allow drinking at 18 and then attempt to enforce a no-alcohol level for the young. Age targeting is yet another false attempt by our Government to avoid upsetting the liquor industry and pretend to do something about the road toll. as an experienced AOD counsellor I can tell you that while young people seem to hit the headlines, its the people who have been  drinking for over 20 years that are resistant to change. Young people have grown up with the message ,    "drink and and drive and you are a bloody idiot". They are not!

The worst blamer I leave to last, British PM, Dave Cameron must be off his rocker to blame youth again when this like all riots come about when the critical mass is reached and a group mentality takes over. The reason for this are many but it is the dogma of profits before people and what is known as the neo-liberal doctrine of the past 30 years or so. It has increased inequality, and as a result increased hopelessness. . Lets quit the blaming and find a solution to this economic crisis that creates the disconnect in society.

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