Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Flying visit to Christchurch

This week I had to return to Christchurch to attend three days of lectures towards my Post Grad. Diploma in Health Sciences.

Having spent most of my life growing up in Christchurch I have pretty strong attachments to Canterbury even if I don't want to. My fear of earthquakes stopped me making it to Christchurch last June but my apprehension was rewarded  by the fact I escaped another serious Earthquake.I messed up in a big way by missing out on my lectures but I completed my paper and handed it in on time .

Christchurch has moved on a lot since my last visit. Announcements have been made about payouts and I am sure a feeling of relief is being felt by many, as they can begin to plan their futures again.

 I drove past Burnside High school and saw the many school buses and was instantly reminded of America and its bus system. I had the passing thought, does a ride to school improve attendance? I wonder.

While I am looking for the old and familiar in the many changes that have occurred over the past 6 months the things that do remain the same are the people and the friendships. They are a powerful pull.

On arrival to Christchurch, my first thought was my Mother who is over 80 and in a rest home but always chipper. In fact she does not seem to get get even a cold, and the people who care for her lovely. We spent an hour or so chatting away over cups of tea and were spoiled by some lovely chocolate cake freshly baked for afternoon tea.

 Next stop was to visit some friends now living in Christchurch who I originally met on the West Coast. I had a great evening and  lovely dinner of wild pork. My friends were reminiscing on old time and feels like something never change and then we felt another jolt and were immediately back in the present and know that many things have changed. But since we have known each other we have had children and funerals, moved house and now a grandchild for one of us. The life cycle and the seasons are unstoppable. I saw a little daffodil and pointed to and said "look spring" and my friend said it survived the snow.  We are resilient in Christchurch.

Doing a block course , cramming a term or more lectures into a few days is a brain melting experience but the learning is empowering in some ways. Its a pleasure to be in the group although it has been said "I  don't get out enough". One of our speaker spoke about being disabled and overcoming disability and mentioned how Christchurch has an opportunity to build a new city that is accommodating towards those with a physical disability. I had never considered until now, that you can't enjoy a garden very easily from a wheel chair unless it's a raised bed. Interesting.

Finally I met a new person tonight. Someone I knew about and had been a friend online and also in the same  field studying addiction and gambling as well as life's mysteries .Its magic when you met someone and just click. Lynette, you are one more reason for me to love Christchurch, and keep coming back despite the little shakes I had on my first day. Nothing is ever as bad as we fear.

Half a day more of study and then a few more things to do as, I really don't know when I will be back. The house is on the market so it may not be too long. Fingers crossed.

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