Tuesday, 16 August 2011

On Femininity -or on being a woman .

I'm showing my age here, but in the movie, Pygmalion, Henry Higgins says to Eliza Dolittle in an exasperated tone of voice "why can't a woman , be more like a man?"
I have often thought of myself as both Mum and Dad to my children due to being a single parent.I have even contemplated celebrating Fathers Day by buying myself a present. I am not masculine or rugged in fact I'm petite but I can summon up my male attributes by being direct, dominating , aggressive and taking the lead. Its not by choice but necessity, as the mother of girls I have been spared, role modelling male sports . I would prefer however to be a more kind and gentle person.

I also am using this opportunity to revel in my joy of being a woman and a mother. I love my three daughters and relish the time in the future when we can all get together as adults. I am so proud of them and enjoy them as well. They are unique individuals with talents like caring, art, singing and having a sense of belonging as well as creating a new life up in Auckland. Their girlyness is great
 By living in the NOW, I  love spring , I see spikes of green pushing up and bursts of yellow with the new daffs appearing here and there.

Pink blossoms on trees, flowers really rock my world. Especially the fragrant one. Daphne and wintersweet.
 As a woman hair and make up are less important to me than some others but I like lipstick and love perfume and shoes.

My favourite thing is baking, cakes and all kinds of cooking is one of the ways I pass my spare time. another activity that smells really good too.  Is it being a woman or is it part of being a mother, I tend to think of it as worthwhile way to spend time. It makes me happy and finding a little bit of joy in everyday is what is good about being alive.

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