Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Nats Nervous nailbiting?

I wonder what thoughts are going through the Leader's head (and only public face of the National party), Mr. PM John Key. Mr Shonkey is fast losing support in the from both ACT and United future. Its looking very unlikely that Act will win Epsom thus, removing a possible coalition partner for the National party to gain a majority should its support fall below 50%.

The other conservative buddy to shore up number has been Peter Dunne. I think in fact his time has come. Given that cannabis has been quite a topical issue this election, his time , and vocal opposition to law reform of cannabis may be his down fall. Norml says 400,000 cannabis users can't be wrong.

Are Mr Keys thoughts that he will govern alone? He does have a reputation for doing things his way and he doesn't seem very good at sharing. I can only imagine, that he is not looking forward to working with any other, than his chosen few. However it did appear that he can work with the Maori party, but unfortunately for the Maori party , it did not really work for them. In fact I am sure I heard a whisper that Whanau Ora, the triumph of Tariana Turia will be dropped. It is too costly and too Maori for the conservative sensibilities and likes of possible coalition partners who want one system for all.

What a dilemma. I can't imagine how the blue rinse set of Remuera will be taking it. I am sure that a coalition between National and the Greens will cause many to reach for the cut crystal gin decanter.  National continues to cling onto a lead but the heat is being turned up and also the doubt is there.

Clearly the majority of New Zealanders do not want our assets sold off, but more of them like National than Labour so accept it?

I don't know. What I do find amusing is imagining the anxiety that was being created by the growth of the greens and possible green and labour and other left leaning coalition. Helen Clark had superbly bound a coalition together that worked for all three of her terms. National has not yet had to demonstrate any such diplomacy and as the election draws to a close I am guessing that John key has not quite got the time to learn it.

Its likely he will lead again. I expect many more people will leave for Oz. But the poorest and beneficiaries like myself, are in for a miserable time. His idea of lifting the underclass out of poverty and into work is not a genuine proposition as in reality lack of apprenticeships, taking away of the Incentive training allowance and other cuts have grown the underclass he wants to punish.

One of the brighter bits of this election, as I'm fearing the outcome is gloomy, is the wit, the Greens displayed with their bill board improvements, the number of unflattering pictures on social networks and songs by Trillion and others all strongly anti-John Key and National. If nothing else the past few weeks have been far more entertaining and exciting than the Rugby World Cup, and remember with a whole team fighting the good battle that was France vs New Zealand, we only won by a point.

I think that John may win the election but actually be the biggest loser of all times with his dreadful asset sales and draconian ideas how to treat beneficiaries.

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  1. I am hoping Labour and Greens get a decent percentage and then Key will have a much tougher time. There is a solar Eclipse happening on Friday the eve of the elections that can be seen from New Plymouth to the south Island. Apparently in ancient beliefs the solar eclipse has always had something to do with a king or leader and the outcome is not seen as good.