Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Auckland, not what I was expecting .Its better !

I dunno what they put in the water up here, ok its smelly chlorine, but today I feel energised, purposeful, powerful and happy. Why? I am in love. No, not with a person but with an entire city.

I love Auckland and not because of any of the more usual reasons. I don't live , work or shop downtown. I have not been to any posh restaurants or cool clubs or bars and I will never be a celebrity. What I have discovered here in Auckland is a community like no other and a sense of excitement at things to come.

I came to Auckland for work, but found an occupation. As part of Occupy, I have learnt a lot about myself and about others.
One thing is universal, all around the world Occupy is experiencing the same conflicts between people and allowing people to learn new skills and ways to resolve them.

Before Occupy I was living in Avondale and New Lynn. Come on down sometime, if you are an ordinary average person  you will find it is changing.
The new train station makes it world class, and easy to get about. Into town and back as cheap as chips. my girls love the trains as they are simple to use and safe.
Our new roads are making the malls look better and the parking is still free. We have a library, make sure you use them as the government will tell you we don't need books now that everyone has a computer. Our Library at New Lynn is always packed and our Avondale library supports our local school with a homework club.

Instead of getting in my car and driving to the supermarket for an anon shop, I shop locally. I live above a block of shops that include a newsagent and post centre and a bakery. I am learning everyone's name. I also have a fresh fish shop and many choices of food takeaways from around the world. I walk a lot and meet many more people. I know Jarrod the busker.

The best thing is the old Avondale race course. I love horse racing and wish it was still in action, as its quite a spectacle. Now having a large green space is quite a bonus. I hope that it gets used for something again, if not racing maybe it could be a concert venue. Its certainly got potential. The Sunday markets are the highlight of my week.

I think that's why I feel so happy. I have moved and moved again after being evicted.It was unsettling but now I have found a nice landlord and a much much nicer place to live in. I am putting in another garden. Best of all I still feel the very real potential in my own life, in my two daughters going to great schools in Avondale. Spring is here. Its a new season and now with the election looming upon us wouldn't it be nice to have a new government?

For me its all about connectedness and community, and lucky for me, I love mine. How to get happy, go for a walk and smile at a stranger.

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