Sunday, 8 January 2012

Happy New Year from the Dissenter

Hi and Happy New Year all. I would like to say I have been having a great holiday in the sun somewhere but it is all untrue. The reason I have not been blogging is I have been busy opening a new dissenters cafe. That's right. I am so throughly annoyed with the election I decided it's time to create some more like minded space.

I have had some big lifestyle changes and made some big changes in my thinking, due in part to my time at Occupy. Going to Occupy was like a 101 in Activism. Fast , hard and great big group to start and and like University only the real stayers at the end.

I went to Occupy as I was disgusted with the National Government and it's attitude towards democracy. I am opposed to privatisation, I don't believe it is democratic for THEM to sell what WE own , when we did nt want it or vote for it even. So having National re-elected was no real surprise but a disappointment on many levels.

At the beginning of the Election campaign I was supportive of the ALCP the Aotearoa Legalise cannabis Party as they are the real stayers in terms of years as a party and contested elections. Unfortunately they lack the funds and finesse of the larger parties and they lack cohesion in their message.

I went to Occupy to support the Global Occupy Movt. however in creating the Occupy movt. many of the old rules also applied in our new Occupy. The same discrimination was applied to cannabis activists without even the sniff of use, just like the other society. In fact the number of cannabis activists and supporters without ever being overt was a large number of the Occupy movt.

Occupy still is going but the demands of children and school holidays, Christmas meant that my last visit to Occupy was to take down some Xmas Cheers.

So far this year, the National Government is rushing through legislation about food and as we all watch the Rena break up and spill it contents along the shore. We can only hope that something that catastrophic will happen to the National Party, ACT, UF cabal and sanity and democracy shall return.

Alternatively, and by not scolding those who did not vote, perhaps some of the 100% of representatives (MPs) should reduce their numbers to be like 68% representative. Representing only the percentage of voters who engaged in the voting process.

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