Sunday, 1 September 2013

So what will draw the attention of the GCSB?

I must confess to already accepting that this bill will pass. A pragmatic speech from Russel Norman confirmed this, by saying that this bill will be thrown out under the next Labour /Greens Government. That got me thinking about what would it take to be under surveillance? If you oppose the Government could you be spied on?
What does this mean for the opposition parties in Parliament now?
There have been issues swirling around the Beehive that certain MPs do not like having their private information tampered with yet are willing to allow a LAW that made what was ILLEGAL, now Legal.
 It is just wrong.

The level of security breaches, bungles, blow outs and cover ups is beyond a simple conspiracy theory. the game is pretty obvious. Rules are gone. this is a game with no rules. Plus how could you have faith in a Government that routinely fucks up data information NOVOpay was just one example. ACC Breaches and the MSD now wants to do drug testing. I do think they are capable of doing this legally. One thing I would never ever want to be openly sent would be anything to do with my health information after the ACC debarcle to another government department where I only exist as a number.

I am sure no one has noticed how the majority of the National Party MPs have had PR makeovers and no longer even speak regular english. Rather it's a serious , Look John , or Rachel or any other tv journalists name and the first sentence is Look (insert name) I'm not going to talk about that now. (drop vocal tone to Match Margaret thatchers) and continue to stare frostily before saying ,now if you would like to talk about the snapper quota or price of a latte , that's what people are really interested in.

How odd. I am 47 and have never had snapper until moving to Auckland. Snapper is not even caught in the cold south Island waters. we have cod. Red and Blue. One for each political leaning. I am pretty sure the greens would look down on eating fish and who would want to eat a green fish anyway? Maybe some lovely sea weed to go with the organic quinoa?

But back to wondering what is going to draw the GCSB to look at, ok SPY on us. The first thing I heard this morning was all activist will be targets of abuse and likely to be spied on. maybe just for a practice or training exercise.

I am an activist! Should I be worried. I wonder if I could un-activate and join the National Party or maybe move and join the Country Womens Institute I would be above suspicion? Hmmm it's got me thinking.
It is dehumanising a population to act in this way. It is anti-democratic but I saw that the National party could dispense with democracy way back in 2009 when they took over Ecan and then didn't hold a local election in Chch . See what happens when people have their rights eroded. Nothing. All the money s sucked out and the people are not the ones to profit. Just another good deal was made by some person somewhere else.

When a big heartless machine called a corporation poses as a person pretending to care you have a big problem . Cos the money will buy them the next election and the people who now don't care anymore cos they lost their democratic rights end up not voting and things just get better for the Corporations and the people

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