Sunday, 1 September 2013

Shane, You're a WINNER Babe

If I were Kevin Rudd I'd be investigating the legality of the Australian TAB paying out on the lection bets before the election. I am pretty sure this has never happened on a horse race. No race , no dividend.

Psychologically saying you have lost before the race and paying out potentially has the power to change voters minds.
Who wants to vote for the identified loser?
It is a very powerful suggestive ploy , it works , but is it legal?

Everyone loves a winner and I am picking Shane Jones as the most outstanding candidate so far in our own Leaders race.I can already picture him wearing a Korowai as the leader with the most mana.

He may also be the under dog but we like that. Perhaps he is the Lady Di of politics, not the peoples Princess but maybe a Prince of the people. He certainly is well spoken and has great poise.

No one is perfect, most potential politicians try to claim they are prefect some are even pious. However usually pride comes before a fall and we all know Shane has owned up to being a person capable of making mistakes but owning them.

We all can admit to some minor failing whether it is swearing, indiscretions or gambling too much. Human beings have weaknesses.
 It is his candid nature that makes him a superiour candidate to David Cunliffe.

I live in New Lynn  and despite being from Christchurch, not Auckland, I am more well known and a familiar sight in new Lynn than Mr. Cunliffe.
 He suggested that he wants to keep his family protected . Um from his constituents? What is he afraid of ?Too precious.

 He doesn't live here and once again it seems to be a pattern for David. he isn't one of us.

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