Sunday, 25 November 2012

Times have changed

I heard an interesting speaker in the weekend talk about drugs and changing our consciousness . His topic showed that for the whole of mans time on Earth we have been enjoying getting high, From  the ancient rock drawings on caves to buried herb burning bowls, for ritual, people have liked to use substances to alter their perception.  Alcohol is the main drug used today . It is legal and widely accepted plus it is also very cheap. 80% of New Zealander's over 18 have tried alcohol.

I come from parent who were minimal users of alcohol. They were daily drinkers , yes but drank about a thimble full each night with dinner. Port for or Sherry. Eeew.
They were not part of any party set.

In fact seriously straight probably best describes them. the most entertaining of their friends once leapt into his pool at a party with his socks still on. to my parents this was hilarious . Quite outrageous behaviour. Hmmm not quite scandalous or even risky compared to behaviour these days.
The range of substances available and used by many today is also astounding.

At the Meeting another speaker asked us to name  the different substances people commonly use and then we rated their harm individually. What was amazing to me was I am so unfamiliar with many of the substances. I know my ABC's and BZP and P , E and LSD but I am not too sure about MMD and DMT sounds very close to MSD??

Being an advocate of Cannabis Law Reform and also a Drug and Alcohol Counsellor I was surprised by my own ignorance. I am naive to the point I do not know what some of these products are or their effects. Certainly I have tried some pills for educational purposes and in my experience I do not get any pleasure from them.

 I then had to question am I a product of my parents and super straight too?  

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