Monday, 19 November 2012

LOSER? Who me?

I wonder what sort of person, immediately calls a person a loser because they disagree with what you are saying? It has been said that the person who resorts to name calling has already lost the argument. Clearly they are unable to argue with fact or reason. 

Yesterday I rang a well known talk-back radio station to comment on a facebook posting  that invited callers to comment on Kim Dotcom calling John Key a liar. I felt qualified to phone in and comment as I saw the interview with Kim Dotcom on the television. Problem was , instead of getting Mike Yardley in Christchurch I got some buffoon called Elation in Auckland who promptly called me a loser for voicing my opinion.

He asked what evidence did I have for my assertion and I and said body language but his credibility.That John Key has been seen to be not telling the truth on several occasions previously.  He mocked me and called me a loser. 

I have had a day to reflect on my loser status and I have come to the conclusion , that I am not a loser. I work 6 days a week in my cafe business and am not a loser.
I have raised three children mostly on my own and with very little income . I am not a loser. 
My two school aged children are doing well at school and are well liked by their teachers.

I am not a loser as I survived the Christchurch earthquake, sold my house and moved to Auckland on my own. I am neither a quitter or a loser.
I fight for the under dog and may be a little different to some peoples opinion of what makes a winner. 
But I participated in Occupy and felt more alive there, than I have ever have .... any where.
I also protested against the closure of the Avondale Post Office as part of the community I now belong to. I belong to Auckland Action Against Poverty.

I care, and that makes me an OK person , If not Lame Leighton's view of a winner.

His idea of a winner seems to be a male. Perhaps one with money and more power. His idea of a winner is a bully who can name call . 
I do not have status. I am not rich. I have been to court for my beliefs and will sit in a cell again . 
I care about the children and young people who have not got a voice. I care about the people who cannot read or write and cannot participate.
I have a voice and no one can silence me or make me a loser. 

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