Sunday, 20 October 2013

I know a lot more about abortion than any man!

I find it repulsive when Ken Orr is maintaining his crusade against abortion despite never having had one and to the best of my knowledge not fostering a dozen or so unwanted and neglected children. Perhaps if he actually spoke kindly with knowledge about the poverty children experience when they are not wanted I would have some respect for him. But these unwanted children grow up in dysfunctional families in over crowded homes.

Ask any social worker from CYfs what they think of abortion and I am pretty sure none of them see abortion as child abuse.

Professor David Fergusson concedes that 98% of abortions are authorised on the grounds of mental health, but that they do not improve the mental health of the women. Really ? Do you think spending the next 20 years raising an unloved and unwanted child is going to be the solution? Perhaps it is the reason for the confusion is that a women should not have to have a"mental health problem" in order to receive an abortion. Perhaps this male centred view is the real problem.

I speak on abortion with some authority as I have had the experience. I was 17 or 18 and despite having two trips to the doctor it was at 13 weeks after a false diagnosis of cysts on my ovaries. I had a week to make up my mind. I was single and not planning on becoming a single mom. I know for a fact that I would not have lead the life I had and married or travelled if I had not been able to access a termination. It was 1984 and I clearly remember being fully under an anaesthetic and after wards watching the 1984 olympic games in LA.

In 1986 I meet my husband and married and then travelled to the USA. There was no way I would have had this experience as a young single mum. In fact I am willing to bet that what causes the most problems for mental health is single parenting. Nothing grinds a person down as much as working 24/7 for no reward. Children or babies seldom say, thanks Mum I loved the bottle you woke up at 3 am to give me.

It's sexist of me to say this but seriously men need to stick to the stuff the know and be supportive of women's choices. It is still very much a mans world. If you disagree just imagine if it was our female mayor having the affair. The name trollop, slapper, loose women , whore, tramp etc . A man is just being a man.
we not in my world.

As the mother of three beautiful daughters and one grandson. I also hope all their children are wanted ones. But should accidents happen , and they do. I would like to think that choice to continue the pregnancy or not was hers alone. That is what a loving and caring society looks like, not one that casts doubt on a woman for her sexuality or choices.And don't get me started on RAPE!

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