Thursday, 3 May 2012

Handshakes in politics!

A picture says a thousand words or so the saying goes. For those in Auckland the picture of the one handed hand shake between John Banks and not John Key, has captured another awkward moment for John B.
Hand shakes are the universal sign of acceptance and agreement on a deal.

When three hands are offered, like post RWC the squirmy moment was John Key's. Now it seems the hand is staying firmly in pocket and John Banks one handed shake is a clear sign all is not well.

This Government seems to be rapidly imploding .
Its bungled attempt to sell State assets seems stalled and about to back fire. Well it was not much of a deal now that Bill English seems to be saying the numbers were more of a guess than an accurate prediction.
Well Mr English, as Minister of Finance a guess isn't really good enough.

Things seem to be a little strained between two Mayors as well.
I guess that it doesn't matter?

Gerry Brownlee has not been able to make much progress in Christchurch. It seems that the Salvation Army has largely done the work of the Government and now that it's resources are almost gone, things look bleak in Christchurch.

Len Brown also does not seem to be able to please two masters.
The casino deal stinks and we all know it.

All in all I really don't think it will take much more to pop this balloon of hot air that is the current Government. Protesters marched on Peter Dunne's Electorate to protest the State Asset sales and he did not even come out to talk with them

Self serving is the only way to describe the crop of politicians we have in power.

We elected these people , yet half of us did not want them at all? How did we manage to change the voting system, get MMP and still be stuck with the same FPP mentality ?
Isn't obvious that the National Government is looking after business interests, (its own) before acting in the best interests of the Nation?

I don't have an answer, as to how to fix the problems.
Namely low employment and growing inequality .

But I if the question was, What would be best for the 4 million new Zealanders?
I am sure the answer would not be ,
This Government.

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